Famous Last Words: Finishing up with Finals

 I know that it has been a long, stressful, and confusing semester for everyone. Zoom calls, online work, and the use of technology is what this semester has been like. But that’s okay, it is good to be adaptable to change. I am proud of myself because I think I have done a good job of improving my organizational skills and communication skills because of this pandemic and the change of how schools work now. I have been a little stressed with finishing up school this semester just because it hasn’t been the same as previous semesters, but that is okay. I feel extremely lucky and fortunate because I received a job offer already in Austin. I have been interviewing every week for different positions and I believe that these interviews have been motivating me to do better in school and be more independent. I want to be more responsible and take incitive for my actions. I sometimes lose sleep over worrying about my future and where I am going to end up. I think that was been stressing me ou

Tech Tip: FireFox Browser

 Wow, this is a great tip. I did not know that Firefox has been around since 2002. I have used Firefox my whole life and love it! I always use it whenever my safari is acting up. I like that there is a large amount of security options because sometimes there can be sketchy websites on my browser. I think this tip is very useful and I am glad I discovered it. 

Wikipedia Trails: Snow White to Fairy Tale

  Snow White and the evil queen.  Snow White The story of Snow White and how it originated. Brothers Grimm history and their stories they wrote. The story of Sleeping Beauty. The history and definition of a Fairy Tale. 

Growth Mindset, Conversation with a Friend.

 I had a conversation with my best friend earlier today about how we are feeling about finals. We are both stressed but overall feel much better than we have in the past. We are also both stressed about graduating and our job search journey right now. But the best piece of advice we both gave each other was to not settle for a job opportunity or working towards getting promoting during this process. We both think about dreaming big and setting our expectations high. Obviously, if it is a great job opportunity we will take it. However, we want to push ourselves to be the best we can be and get the best job for us. The most important growth mindset for my best friend and I is staying positive, working hard, and believing in ourselves. I love this post because I feel like I can share some personal motivation to my classmates. I hope you enjoy. I chose this image because it focuses on the importance of accomplishing your dreams.  Growth Mindset

Microfiction: My dog Tucker

 My Dog Tucker (100 word Story) My dog Tucker is my best friend. He is the most loving pet I have ever had. He is always getting so sad whenever I leave the house or whenever I leave to go to school. He is an Australian Shepherd. He does not bark ever and always wants to be loved. He lays on his back every time he sees someone hoping they will rub his belly. He is caring and knows when someone is upset. He sleeps with me evert night when I am home. I take him on long walks and always cuddle with him. Sweet Tucker.  Tucker on Walks (50 word Story)  Tucker loves walks more than any dog I know. His face lights up whenever I say the word walk.  He pants and cries because he is so excited to go on the walk. He sniffs everything during the walk. Going on walks with Tucker is my favorite thing to do.  Here is a picture of Tucker. He is the sweetest. 

Microfiction: Two Tiny Christmas Stories

  The Act of Kindness The holiday season is here, and young children are filled with joy and cheer. What a hard year it has been for all of us, not getting to spend the holidays with our families. The children not being able to attend in person school or participate in their favorite activities.  But the holiday season spreads joy and cheer. And we have never needed a holiday season so much.  For people to spread joy and cheer this year, and simple act of kindness will do. Telling your loved ones how special they are, donating to charity, and spending time with family.          What Christmas Means to You   Christmas can symbolize different meanings to everyone. Whether its time spent with family and friends or the gift of giving, Christmas holds a special place in people’s hearts. What the holiday season means to me is spending time with the ones you love the most. Giving back to your community. Spreading joy to the world and acts of kindness to everyone. That is what is important to

Lab Week 15

I have written a few microfiction stories myself before, but not very many. I love microfiction stories because they are short and sweet but fun to read. I read the "Tiny Tales Teaching Guide," and loved them. Most of them were about animals, which is always enjoyable to read about because it gives me a different perspective than a human would have in a story. I learned some story telling techniques as I browsed the material that I might want to use in my own writing such as using quotes from characters, using animals instead of humans for characters, and writing a bunch of microfiction stories about the same plot. I think I will want to write a microfiction series about a specific storyline so I can elaborate on different things in each microficiton story.  Tiny Tales Teaching Guide The Lion's Share